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Broken Spine Screws

Started by JamesZ on 09/20/2014 8:29pm

Hi, I had surgery 18yrs ago and they put 4 scews and 2 rods in my back , I broke one of the screws putting in some new buches in the yard , I guess I just bent wrong and put some trok on it , but the Dr said he took a flexion foword and flexion and backward and its still fusioned. he couldnt do anything for me but pain mgr, they hace me on 75 mg x 2 days and oyx 10mg x 6 , I was pain freee and did no meds before this and it only hurts where the broken screw its, I even flew home and ask the org. Dr that did the operation...he said the same thing........I need a really great Dr that unstands these broken screws and the pain they cause , even if the fusion is strong, because for the screw brake, that tells me something isit as fusioned as good as they think....please Help if you have any ideas on what I I should do.


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