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who has been treated by Dr. David Ditsworth?

Started by HymanT on 09/17/2014 9:51am

Dr. David Ditsworth appears to be a reputable neurosurgeon in Los Angeles with admission privileges to Cedars Sinai hospital. He purportedly does minimal access procedures that through a small scope and "nano" procedure.

Sales people affiliated with him try to convince patients to pay $40,000 in a cashier's check for the surgery. A patient is supposed to travel to LA without any prior discussions with the doctor, merely at the word of the salesman. Then the patient will be subjected to a discography, and then decisions will be made about which surgery to do. So, one may go for a "nano" procedure come out with fusion surgery that could have been done at 25% of the cost.

Has anyone been operated by Dr. Ditsworth? Any experiences will be greatly appreciated. He seems to be almost the only one in the US doing this 'nano' procedures. Others are in Germany, Korea, China, Italy.

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