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always have lower back pain

Started by sunservnv on 09/15/2014 5:08am

0n 7/31/13 I fell 28 ft from a ladder onto concrete and shattered heels and ankles. Would have lower back pain maybe 3 or 4 times a year before injury and now always in pain have sleeping problems, numbness, cant get comfortable. Went to ortho doctor and was told I have degenerative disks disease. I was hurt on job and have had over a year now fight trying to get my back added to my claim. I had mri and xrays after injury showing disk protrusion, severe central spinal stenosis, nerve root impingement, multilevel disks bulges and another 5 or 6 terms I don't quite understand. Even if I had degenerative disks disease before fall wouldn't it make sense that the fall aggravated or added to my problems. I f I walk for five minutes or more I cant stand the pain when I cough I can feel my legs go numb sometimes and pain when I cough. I have problems 24/7 now since my injury is there any way to show or prove my back problems have gotten worse since my fall and also what kind of treatments are out there that my help. Any advice or thoughts would be great walter c. reno, nv

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dude get a lawyer!
he can help you with your problems , and medical

perkcet or vicadin
I don't really trust lazer surgery
unless you really think it will work
didn't like my neck and lumbar surgeries
recommend advoid surgery1


I agree get some representation, a lawyer or I recommend a group called Allsup, they helped me with my SSDI and got it fast, faster than most lawyers do, but they do have lawyers who work for you, you spend time with them over the phone through interviews.

for meds I'm not a fan of vicodin, it's a narc and most pain clinics won't even consider giving it to you. I suggest you start on Gabipentin. Your GP can give that to you, and for god sakes see a neurologist.