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Posted in: Back pain.

Had spinal fusion 2010 , pain again

Started by farmgirl on 09/09/2014 9:58pm

hi, just wondering some thoughts or expertise on this please. I had a spinal fusion S5 L1 in 2010, I healed pretty well and have been pretty happy with it. compared to what I was before, I could barely walk. I went back to doing pretty much what ever I wanted to do.. However Aug 1st I was working in the yard and the grass was so tall I used a hand held pair of clipper and was bent over for over about 40 minutes cutting grass, The next morning I could barely get out of bed. I thought I ripped a muscle or something, I would get these spasms so bad I would fall down and hardly get up, I took it easy a few days and it stayed the same. sitting is the hardest, I went to the dr. and was sent back to my neurosurgeon,, he put me on a steroid for a week and said if the pain did not go away I would need a hardware block to see if it was the hardware or something else. I couldn't figure how something so simple would change everything over night. the steroids took away the spasms and now its just a aggravating pain mostly on the left side. can't get my socks on or pants very well, bending is hard and its been a month and I have been taking it easy in hopes if it was a torn something it would heal, but its been a while and its still the same pain and if I do anything more than easy , like lift something, I might as well call it a night . pretty much aches all night especially when I roll over. does it sound like its the hard ware? any one experience this?, When he looked at the x rays he said it didn't look like the arthritis was that bad, is a hardware block the only way to figure this out. They seem to think you are made of money and for get the up front deductible , then if you had to have the surgery to remove it, how much pain and layed up would you be? not sure what to do?

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