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SSDI for cervical and lumbar stenosis

Started by Leaping Lizzards on 09/03/2014 12:47pm

Hi everyone!! I'm new here so I hope I'm in the right place. I received a call from my dds examiner last week asking me what I did at my last job. I explained that it was office work. I had been to a CE the week before (on 8/15/14) and she said she was waiting to get his report. I called her back because I had received a call that I had another CE apointment scheduled for 9/5/2014. At that point she told me that I did not have to go to the CE and that a decision had been made but my claim was pulled by Quality Assurance Review Board. I then called the 800# and the woman on the phone said that my claim was in pending but she could tell me that only approvals go to QR. Has anyone else been throught this. I applied in May 2014 and it was sent to QR on
August 20 2014.

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