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I have to click my back in the mornings why?

Started by 1215206643@facebook on 08/31/2014 4:23pm

Hi all
I have Fibromyalgia and lumbar disc degeneration

I have servere dificulty in the mornings carrying out personal care after toileting( 4 month waiting list for assessment for help)
i have pain and mobility problems getting out of bed. I found that now i have to move my knees to my chest and then get my middle of back to click before i can get out of bed.

Does this mean my disc degeneration has likely spread upwards?
i have spoken to my Gp about last MRI done 4 - 5 years ago , he did not seem to bothered , but it could be because i have had huge probs with the other condition (fibro)and he is just concentrating on this.
Any idea's what i can do next?

I really want to push for another scan now to see what is going on, concerned that i may have arthritis or other conditions ( have arthritis in toe joint already)
I already have shortened calf muscles, poor dorstal flexion and shin splints because of my back. my left leg is the weakest.
Gp didnt seem to want me to go for scan.. Any ideas would be great.
1. so am i causing more damage by clicking my back- minding it is the only way i can get mobility going in the mornings
2. is it worth getting another scan done?
3. what shall i say to Gp to help him along in getting me MRI if required.
any other comments welome

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