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Major leg fatigue and numbness 6 months post L4/L5 fusion and Laminectomy - so frustrated!!

Started by Yannabean on 08/27/2014 9:45pm

Two years ago I herniated my disc by falling when I was 8 weeks pregnant causing severe sciatic pain putting me on bed rest. Not easy also having a 6 & 4 year old too. Working with a team of doctors we agreed a Discectomy was the best route for us. In my second trimester I had the surgery and what a relief to be pain free!! Exactly a year after I herniated the disc again and had another Discectomy. 4 months later it happened again, no matter how hard I tried being careful and living my life it happened...my surgeon felt a spinal fusion was our next step. I went ahead with it and instantly barely had any feeling in my right leg and foot to the point I couldn't wiggle my toes. I went home to recover and w/in that week the numbness moved into my hips and the fatigue was awful. Went back to the hospital and had a full spine MRI that showed some fluid in my spine and along with the severe numbness felt I needed a Laminectomy.

6 months post spinal fusion and a Laminectomy w/in a week I'm left with my lower leg numb and severe fatigue. I go to Pt 2x a week- I have progressed over the last 6 months, no longer need a walker or a cane but I can't do much like spend the whole day out with my 3 young daughters. A trip to the store wipes my legs out and leaves my lower back burning and numbness worse. I was so hoping by now I'd have my life back on track. The fatigue is killing me!!! Even laying down My legs still feel so tired. Drs say don't worry I'll get stronger and numbness will go away but it's really frustrating not knowing for sure!

Has anyone gone thru this and seen this slow recovery and feel somewhat back to a comfortable normal 18 months post or whenever??? PLEASE SHARE - I need some positive words other than people who haven't gone thru what I have.

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