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cervical spine fusion at c5,c6 & c6,c7

Started by akstewart46 on 08/18/2014 5:40pm

Hi my name is ange I had cervical spine fusion surgery at c5,c6 & c6,c7 with plate and 3 screws everything was fine until 3 months later I was helping my son with his scoliosis surgery and hurt my back. waited 3 months got an lumbar mri which said I have 2 bulging disk at l4, l5 & l5, si...have to leave with that, neurosurgeon said surgery isn't an option. about a month after that had a mri of my cervical spine and it showed that I have bulging disks at c5,c6, & c6, c7 again....how can this happen....how is it possible for a fusion to bulge again...and do I need surgery again to fix this....can't find many discussions on this...if anyone out there knows anything about this it would greatly be appreciated....

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