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Does your pharmacist dictate how your prescriptions are filled?

Started by Georgiapeach on 07/19/2014 12:49pm

The last six months almost daily you could count on the news reporting all the abuse from the pain meds. I have had pharmacists dictate whether I could get a prescription filled (pain med.) Even when my dr. wrote for more
meds. and it was ok. I have had to change pharmacies twice due to the pharmacist not filling even when it was very ok with the dr. and the insurance company didn't care because they were not going to honor the prescription and have to pay anything.

What is happening is starting to alarm me. Does the pharmacist have the right to over turn what the dr. is saying ok to? Does the pharmacist have to right to discuss private health questions in from of everyone? Staff and customers in line. I have other issues but want to keep this short to see if anyone else has experienced this. I also see so many spine clinics advertising, is this site owned and operated by doctors?

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Yes, the pharmacist now believe they have the right to honor the doctor's prescription or not. The are more arrogant than surgeons, if that is possible. The new law dictating the distribution of Pain Meds have turned them into monsters! Does he have the right to discuss private health questions in front of everyone? No. But if you complain, you will be made to look like some drug hungry person. It's amazing what has happened to the Medical profession in such a very short time. Everybody is being punished for the doctors that chose to be drug dealers. My condition did not improve because the government can now dictate what a GP can prescribe. I'm still the same person, but since I was taking hydrocodone, I've become a druggie. When will the insanity stop? And how do we stop it?


It is up to the pharmacist if he wants to fill a prescription or not. Under Federal Law a Pharmacist has Corresponding Responsibility. They are to use their professional judgement.


Good luck to you. I have been a post surgical spine pt. since 1985 and I so regret ever having to need surgery but my spinal cord was compromised. I have been on narcotics since then since my insurance would not pay for stabilization surgery only medications. I became disabled in 2004 when my spine started to collapse. 3 doc have told me I will be medication dependent for the rest of my life. I am a medical professional with 2 degrees but now am considered to be a pain med seeker and have had many problems with pharmacys and the md I was seeing just dumped me. You can find the home office of the pharmacy and ask them how to file a complaint, and they do listen and follow up because saying anything about your meds or conditions violates HIPPA laws. I did it and then found a new pharmacy within the same name and they were very understanding, don't give up. Now I am off to seek a new md that will write my rx's and I am open to any suggestions. Keep trying and good luck.


I also am having problems getting my scripts filled. The pharmacist say that they are out of stock and they are not sure how long it will be before the shipment comes in, it on back-order. BS. I have had three surgery's on my neck. had bone spur and the disc on C5,C6 and C7 had collapsed. First time dr went in and did the surgery. I was still hurting and now my hands are numb, fingers tingle and back and neck ( oh especially my neck) hurts constantly. Dr. performed second surgery almost a year later and I was still having pain. He did an x-ray and said something wasn't right so five days later he did the third surgery. During recovery my left arm hurt severely so training doc injected steroids and they sent me home. Pain is terrible. I hurt everywhere. The pain seems to leave one side after sleeping on heat pad and travel to the other arm and shoulder. Neck hurts to turn. Needless to say, since Obama care took over I have lost my insurance because I am considered a part-time employee. Heck, I couldn't work if I wanted, I'm too weak. Sorry, got carried away. Pharmacist think they are god and then they flag your script. If the dr. says it's ok they should fill the dang thing.


Been fired by CVS Walgreen s and more no they cannot dictate but they can refuse making it a living hell on us to find another pharmacy. They are big mouths as they think we are hunting down pain killers and they humiliate the hell out of us. My one doctor is part owner of the whole hospital system doesn't mean they can help but pain is pain and no one has the right to judge yours.


Yes Pharamcists have a 'Corresponding Responsibility' to make sure the prescriber has done their due dilligance in writing the prescription. But--refusing to fill a prescription (valid one) is practicing medicine. They are cancelling out a physicians order. They are not trained to make this judgement call.

Google 'Walgreens fined 80 million by DEA' and also Walgreens 'Good Faith Dispensing Policy' and much will be explained. They are CYA and the GFD policy is basically giving pharmacists a 'right' to make judgements about the patient. It's out there on the net if you look. They have a checklist of how a customer/patient is acting, conducting themselves, what they are saying, with a huge amount of personal discretion. They are technicians making these critical decisions to 'allow' a pain patient their meds. This will make anyone in pain whose concerned about obtaining their meds they've seen thier Doctor for, driven in pain to said pharmacy, hoped they'd state they have the med, then stand there & be scrutinized as they are many times treated with no respect, and throw HIPAA out the window as the techs discuss private health information right there with others in line. The stories I've heard break my heart. The big corporations that made so much money by dispensing huge amounts of OxyContin mainly in Florida created this horrid problem. They paid their fine and now must watch every prescription like a hawk with an attitude. I hate going to fill my meds. I'm blessed right now to have my pain clinic prefer using a delivery pharmacy, using only electronic prescribing. Yet I can just feel a change coming on. The pressure they're under is horrible and those that truly want to help pain patients are leaving pain medicine just to keep their licenses. It's a sad state of affairs here in the US. I don't see it getting anything but stricter. I have an Intrathecal pain pump that has been a miracle for my 25+ yrs of horrible pain. But my doctor implants it in surgery and 4 months later his contract with my insurance ended. Like he didn't know when he was making thousands doing my surgery that he'd be walking away leaving me with an implant that is amazing but no one to manage it.

Sorry for the lengthy post I signed up to respond to pain pump patients asking questions and can't find it yet. Thought I'd add my two cents in this subject that has affected me personally many many times.