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Started by 100000357921259... on 06/28/2014 1:20pm

I had searched the internet hoping to find someone who had their hardware removed, and couldn't find anyone. What I did find was a lot of people searching for the same information I was. I have had 7 brain surgeries due to hydrocephalus and chiari malformation. I also had 2 spine surgeries, the major one was a laminectomy, decompression and fusion from C2 to T3. It has been 2 years since I had this surgery done and I was having so much pain around the areas where the screws were. I could actually feel 2 of them through my skin. My scans showed that my bones had fused and they couldn't see any reason for the pain. I decided that I wanted the hardware out!! So on 6/17/14 I had it all removed. The surgery only took an hour and I was in the hospital for 2 days. So far this has been the best decision I've made as far as surgeries go. I am in pain, but I think its from the trauma of the surgery. I should have told you that I suffer from severe headaches every single day of my life, and so far it had come from my brain issues. But since they had gotten those issues under control, I was pretty sure they were now coming from my neck, and I was right. Since the surgery I have only had one headache, and to me that is a miracle! So if you are having pain around the hardware area and are debating on whether to have it removed or not, I say do it!!

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Good for you!! What are the risks of having hardware removed (aside from the surgery itself)? I'm so sorry you have went through pain for so long and hope this is a permanent fix for you!


I had my lumbar hardware removed on 1/8/2014. Great decision. I'm so much more comfortable when I exercise, sit, sleep. I can actually lay down to rest. Still struggling with leg and foot pain because I waited too long to have my surgery. The L4/L5 nerve root was trapped in my fracture. I knew 3 months after I fell but did not have surgery until 11 months after I fell. At 8 months pain went below my knee and into my foot. That is the pain I am still working to resolve. A steroid injection worked for about 8 weeks. So, I am still on this spine journey and have had exceptional care.


So happy for you Deana !! I know about pain.I am 56 and had my thorax region fused in the late
70's . I am 90 days out of lower lumbar fused all the
Way down to tail bone.. Was way easier at 14 than
57. I was tired of the shots and RF and therapy of all
Kinds. I am so happy I had the surgery. Was a. 10
Hr surgery so I do have some nerve damage with my
Left leg. Hoping it subsides but I can walk, shop, go
Places. My quality of life 90% better ! Had 2 great Dr's
And I am tough but I am 85% pain free so after being
In pain for last 5 yrs every day sitting the last. 2 yrs I am
Over the top happy with my fusions , hardware and all.
You have to be strong and never give up. !


My husband and I were involved in a motorcycle accident last May and he had broken his back, and had rods placed from T4-T8 area. He started experiencing muscle spams about 8 months after the surgery. His muscle spasms are not getting any better. He recently saw a neurosurgeon who suggested the rods come out, and ever since then he has been a nervous wreck.. The NS seems to believe it is pinching on an area which is probably causing him more pain. I feel he will improve from this, and he is worried of becoming paralyzed. It is helpful to read the testimonies of others who have had them removed. Before having them removed did any of you have the same fears? I understand how scary it is to go back in and have surgery, so I try to sympathize with him on that, but when I feel it will better him than make things worse, he should go ahead with it.. But in the end he is the one to make the decision.


Hello Kyra, I hope you dont mind me asking but did your husband decide to have his hardware removed? my fiance fractured his spine in august this year after jumping off a cliff into water. his his rods and screws T10-L2 with a fractured T12, He had his surgery in mauritius as we where on holiday there. his surgeon has advised he have hardware removed in 18 months because he is 25. he purposely did not do a bone graft for this reason. since returning to UK surgeons have will preform the op but have said it is his decision as it is risky surgery to have. it is a while off but quite daunting,
hope you and your husband are recovering well after your accident,


You have been through a lot! I hope all is well now. I suffer from chronic back pain. The typical bulging and ruptured discs, arthritis, etc. My doc wants me to get surgery, but I'm afraid of something going wrong. If it were life threatening I would. As for now I'm controlling it with one pain med and a muscle spasm drug. It only helps the pain in the morning, then the pain escalades until it gets to the point I have to take a hot shower. I want stronger medicines, but I'm afraid of being labled. My mom was an e.r. nurse for 10 years and had to deal with people fooling her for pain meds. I know all the tricks. The problem is, I have been in pain so long I'm getting very depressed. I'd rather be addicted to pain meds than be depressed all the time. My doctor last upped the strength on my medicine about 10 months ago. Is it too early to ask for an increase?


Jeff, it's been 10 months since your last increase? You should at least let your physician know that it's not helping so that you can come up with a different plan, to see if having an increase in the pain meds or maybe trying another addition to your medication. My husband is currently not on any pain medications and he just has to suffer through it at the moment, and was also given indomethicin, an anti-inflammatory that is also used for patients with gout. He never picked up the prescription for it yet, so we don't know if it will help or not, but you can discuss it with your provider and see if it may help to use in place of an increase of pain med. Have you tried using the Thermacare for back pain, which gives off 8 hours of heat throughout the day. Tens Units? Just other options to try. I hope you get the help with your pain because I know that the depression can get so bad that it can be unbearable not only for you but those around you. Have you tried Cymbalta? This is anti-depressant that is supposed to also help with pain. Just throwing stuff out there to help you bring up to your dr. Hope it helps.