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Pars Defect Attempted Repair with Screw

Started by mparks on 06/11/2014 2:09pm

Hey, I am 18 years old and I have had a pars defect the right side of my L5 since I was about 14. I have been playing basket ball since I was little and noticed this pain when I was in 8th grade. First, it was very localized in my lower back and not too severe, but as I "pushed through" the "strain" it quickly got worse. I didn't stop activity until I had severe pain running down my leg and I was unable to get out of bed for a few days. After that, I had tons of X-rays, MRI scans, and CT scans until they finally found the defect. They told me to rest for 6 weeks because these defects usually heal themselves, but as you can guess, it didn't heal. Then I tried physical therapy for a few months, which didn't help and I went back to PT a few times after. I tried wearing a back brace all the time, which didn't help either. I tried going to a chiropractor, who didn't help. Then I saw a pain management doctor who ended up giving me 3 steroid injections and one Platelet-rich plasma injection. When none of that worked I went to see a Neurosurgeon who chose to put a screw through the fracture instead of fusing my spine. That was probably 4 months ago and I am still having pain.
Has anyone had this procedure done? And if you have, did it work? Is the pain I am feeling just post-surgery pain or is it a sign that the surgery didn't work? I have had a lot of disappointment from different procedures that were supposed to help and it is really hard to deal with. I tried walking a few miles twice a week like my doctor told me to and the pain soon came back and was down my leg. Please help, I'm getting really tired of the continuous disappointment and I am about to go into my senior year of high school and would really like to be able to play basketball.

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