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Removal of hardware after fusion.

Started by 100000727026128... on 06/05/2014 3:01pm

I just recently had my 3rd lower lumbar surgery in mid April 2014 going on my 6th week of recovery. First I did not know that once this hardware is placed inside it could be removed. I was not having problems in that area, I needed another fusion just above where they took out the rods and screws that were already in place. The doc says he thought that I didn't need them anymore even though he fused just the one. I'm having more sciatica nerve pain than before! Do they need your permission for that? I also had my right gum damaged when they incubated me for surgery so for 5 weeks I had terrible pain without knowing why until some small white hard sharp item pushed it's way out and looks like a small sharks tooth! Soft food diet for 5 weeks so I lost 8 pounds and no one is giving me any answers. Any thoughts?

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three words:

get a lawyer.

he should not have removed the hardware without discussing it with you first. that's why you're having more pain, he removed the hardware. idk what incubation is or why they incubated you for the surgery, but i would talk to someone about that too because if you would have swallowed that it could have done severe damage to you internally.

seriously...get a lawyer.