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Failed fusion

Started by 1160083492@facebook on 05/22/2014 7:40pm

I had a high speed traffic crash Feb 2011. C/5-C/6 were broken fairly bad and my spinal cord was pinched at 50%,I also had several bulging disks at L/4-L/5, L5-S1. Anyway the neck was priority and I had Prestige disk replacement which has been an amazing surgery. Pain was gone almost immediately. The problem started when they started working on my lower back. They started with a discectomy that helped with pain for a few months and the surgeon went back in. He stated that my back had collapsed on my lower back. The surgeon fused L4/L5 and L5/S1..Unfortunately the pain has not gotten any better. I finally received a CAT scan on my lower back today and I got the results early. It states that there is no fusion on one level and less than 5% on the second. It also states that the screws on the hardware are loose. My surgeon has mentioned in the past that he is afraid that re fusion is not in my future as my back is "fragile". My fusion is almost two years old. Anyone have any idea what is in the future for me? Or if there is a surgeon out there that may be able to fix me. I am in excellent health other than this. .

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Have you had anyone check your Sacroiliac Joints? Sometimes the SI joints are the cause of lower back pain. Especially after failed surgeries.

However, you did mention that the hardware you have is "loose", That needs to be fixed as soon as possible. You need to see a surgery who is willing to correct this.