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epidural injection

Started by mandy67 on 05/17/2014 7:48pm

Omg what is that about i went to get epidural injection because i suffer with back pains since 2002 i had physical therapy for one year medication all da time it doesn't work 5 injection on my back put when i just reson went on may 15 To get epidural injection never again in my life i though i Will never walk again the pain u go through is crazy dont do it take my advice my doctors is in spine sports theu pretty good and when u need to speak to da doctors they call u back. I been through a lot with my back Wii good luck people with your backs and what medication you take and injection u put in your backs is not that safe ask a lot of questions i do.

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Im wondering about the epidural shot; does it hurt? Can you have sedation before the actual shot im scared of needles. I went to my neurosurgeon with MRI results. here they are.:
L2-3 broad annular disc bulge.
L4-L5there is central HNP
L5-S-1 there central HNP THereis facet arthopathy and ligament hypertrophy. There is moderate right and several left foraminal encroachment/?
There is suspicion for an 8mm low T1 and T2 signa involving the posterior medial portion of the left kidney included for interpretation. Correlative songram is recommended for further evaluation
Went to Nuerosurgeon on the22 and he said that their is nothing he can and just gave me a low pain med 5/325 hydrocodone. he is going to suggest pain management for me that I couldn't handle physical theaphy because hurting 8 most of the time. Can I get sedated before the epidural shot? hurt enough don't need anymore pain. Gentle hugs to all. Wanda


Wanda, I have had several epidural steroid injections over the years. Everyone is different but I really don't experience that much pain with them. They have helped so I am willing to tolerate what I would call moderate pain for the few minutes that the shot takes. Honestly, the worst part for me is the initial shot to numb you before the actual ESI. Please don't get yourself too nervous about this. I'm sure that if you talk to your doctor he will give you something to calm you beforehand.



Wanda, Syd is absolutely correct. different people have differing tolerance to pain and yes, it's only a couple of seconds while the local anesthetic is placed and then all i ever felt is pressure while the epidural is installed. i've had many series of these and other spinal injections over the years and find that i no longer have any concerns. yes, your physician can prescribe mild sedatives if you are really anxious so talk to him/her when you schedule the procedures.