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S1 nerve impingement, multiple bulged degenerating disk and s****y situation

Started by 300blk_grunt11c on 05/07/2014 10:14pm

Well Im new to this forum in hopes to seek help and answers

Id like to keep my name and information confidential for now

Im 21 years old in the military and have alot of back issues going on with minimal work done to my back to fix it, and I'm worried about the potential for permanent nerve damage at such a young age.

I came back from deployment fall of 2013 and got my results back from an xray and had a dislocated SI joint that they thought caused sciatica and radiculapthy in my right leg. 6 months down the road after my SI joint was corrected, 3 unsuccessful epidural injections and 4 months of physical therapy Im labeled a "faker" and getting treated like **** because nobody knows whats going on, i finally get an MRI and boom goes the dynamite; i have 3 bulged degenerating disk from l3-s1 and my l5-s1 disk is impinging the s1 nerve in my right leg. Its gotten so bulged i was basically temporarily paralyzed for 3 days and was on crutches. As of now my right leg trembles when i put weight on it, its mostly numb, i havnt had an erection longer than 6 min and thats after taking 4 viagra, i have urination issues to top it all. Mind you I'm only 21. Im 6 days away from my neuro-study in my leg to see if its permanent. Im going through a divorce because my sex life is completely non existent and my pain controls alot of what i do.

To close my story
How long do i have before i have the erection abilities of an 80 year old becomes permanent and I end needing crutches or a leg brace for the rest of my young life?

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I'm so sorry to hear that you have had such a negative experience.
First, I would like to sincerely thank you for your service.

I started having severe back issues when I was 23. I went through the, "drug seeking" & "faking it" issues as well.
It's not an easy road, but the number one thing I can recommend as a friend, (and this will sound so simplistic) is that you do everything possible to stay positive. Negative emotions will make pain worse, as will focusing on specific issues. Negative thoughts can actually change the chemistry in your brain, leading to a change in your personality, and the way you handle any kind of life problem. Even the most simple hiccup, like dropping a dish, etc. can take on so much more significance, leading to relationship problems with anyone you know. There are a lot of sites that can help with changing outlook. It does NOT mean your giving up on getting better. It WILL increase the quality of your life. :)
The 2nd and equally important advice I can share is you must become your own best advocate. Never give up! Your youth will work for and against you. This may be a longer trial than feels fair. But learning to deal with Physicans and P.T. people as positively as possible will help because ppl want to do whatever they can for someone they like. I've been around a lot of ppl with back issues & you can see those who have fallen into the negative thinking trap. They are suffering and it controls their lives. It's tough being around them because ppl just don't know what to say or how to act. If you imagine it from a Doctors p.o.v. a person who works with these unhappy ppl day in and out, you can imagine how a positive, hopeful patient will make a bigger impression.

There are so many new advances in back repair. Being an advocate for yourself, staying up on physicians who specialize in your specific injury will help you. Don't even think about permanent anything right now. Focus on working for yourself to get better, mind and body.
Laser surgery may be an option, depending where you live. (It isn't available everywhere).
But ask P.T. workers about their patients who have had the best outcome and with which Dr. They can't give you the patient's name but they'll likely know who they went to.

And the last thing, I can not stress it enough, stay AWAY from anyone who has a similar injury and is negative about getting well. They WILL suck your hope away. (unintentionally) If you must come in contact, try to minimize time w/them. And dismiss any unhappy thing they say immediately.

This is the only post I've made. I saw no one had replied, and that could be because your post feels a little negative. That's why I chose it.

I wish the best for you. You're a strong man no doubt. Don't give up.
You can change your life. Just try not to expect immediate results. Everything worthwhile takes time. This can make you stronger & who knows what path it may take you and where it will lead, maybe to something amazing you'd never dreamed of. Keep your mind and eyes open for opportunity.

And thank you again for your service to our country.