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low baxk pajn now leg pain

Started by johnhenry on 04/17/2014 6:25pm

I have had low back pain for past seven years an it seems to be getting progressively worse last mri showed an have been diagnosed with degenerative disc decease with bulging discs throughout lumbar spine, bilateral facet joint hypertrophy an again throughout the lumber spine L2-L 3 with moderate canal stenosis L3-L4 also moderate canal stenosis with left sided foraminal stenosis also left lateral recess stenosis which maybe impingeing the L4 nerve root L4-L5 is the same except no impingement but the facethypertrophyhas small effusion as does theL5 -s1 been to pain mgmt about 4 yrs ago they just made injection after injection facet joint inj nerve blocks epidural with no relief lasting more then a month most with no relief tried accupunture physical therapy had rfa ( burnt nerves no success am on muscle relaxers gababentin an pain meds which i take 5 20 millogram oxycodones a day which help at times but not always the drs never explain they just tell me that i have many problems that contribute to my pain i am at wits end masking the pain isnt correcting the pain has anyone had success with invasive laser surgery my primary dr says it wont help can anyone explain in laymen terms or anyone with suggestions the surgeon i saw told me to exercise my god i do stretches an minimal exercises but god sometimes its just hard an painful just to standup an walk i as primary for a second surgeon opinion he looks at me like im crazy someone suggested inversion table anybody use one anyone know a good surgeon in pinellas county florida

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