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Posted in: Back pain, and Surgery.

ifuse post op limitations and long term success stories

Started by 1288182122@facebook on 03/09/2014 8:46pm

Hi, I'm new to these discussions but I have some questions. I searched through the post and haven't read any reports of how people are doing years after. My dr told me that he thinks I would benefit from the ifuse system due to instability from a fall at 19(I'm 36 now) and 2 childbirths. I have had a microdiscectomy at L5 in the past. Pain never left and has gradually gotten worse and worse. I am to the point that I can only manage about an hour standing at a store and sleeping is near impossible. I would love to know what everyone's post op experience/limitations were like, any long term stories and whether you had issues with insurance covering the procedure(if you have sijd) thanks in advance!

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I had it done 6 weeks ago. I have Ehler's Danlos hypermobility syndrome, Ankylosing Spondylitis and psoriatic arthritis. Unfortunately that was all diagnosed a week after surgery...ugh. I had a pelvic fracture that totally disrupted and split my SI joint so....I have delt with it for many many years. A horse crushed me ...then I had 2 kids and many other falls from horses.
My surgery was not easy. The doc says in a traumatic case with inflammatory processes going on mine may take longer than the norm.
I am scared right now because it has been 6 weeks as of this wed. and I have serious pain. It is worrying me but I keep at it. I will start PT next week. I used my walker for about 4 weeks and progressed slowly to full WB but it is a slow go. Pain only allows me maybe 5 to 10 minutes of standing or slowly walking until I have to sit/lie back down. My tailbone for some reason has become a huge pain. So...I do know a lot of people without trauma do great but I would exhaust ALL other conservative options first. I held out for a LONG time. I would make sure you have injections, therapy and maybe try the ablation first. It is a major surgery. My insurance was Premera Blue Cross of Wa and AK and they approved it without any problem however...I had a CT scan showing moderate to severe degeneration with hemipelvis elevation so they did not blink before authorizing. Ive heard most people have to have positive injections first and exhausted conservative measures. Please Please, take your time and try to avoid surgery.