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Cervical spine

Started by Ian Michael on 03/01/2014 12:34am

Hello Everyone,
I would, if possible get some information from the community.
Just over a week ago I started getting mild pain to the left side of my windpipe, I first thought that it may be Strep[ throat, the pain got a lot worse quite quickly. The pain to the left of my windpipe remained and it spread to the left side of my head and eventually into my left shoulder and left arm, I managed to get to the Doctor who sent me for an x ray and gave me a prescription for Tylenol 3 with codeine, this had no effect at all and I ended up at the hospital , they did a cat scan with dye.

The results of the X ray is as follows:
At C5-C6 there is severe disc narrowing and moderate sized endplate osteophyte formation, at C6-C7 there is more mild disc narrowing and smaller endplate osteophytes
The cat scan result was or is a calcific plaque at the carotid bulb.
My Doctor gave me another prescription for Endocet oxycodone,Ketoralc and cyclobenzaprine.
The majority of the bad pain has receded as long as I keep doping myself up, One pain remains and is costant, it is the pain near my windpipe on my left, about every 20seconds there will a liltle burst of something like a hot needle in this area running into my head.
Could anyone help me to identify what this is and why this is happening, I still get and feel this pain through the drugs.
What is the solution to the problems with the disc narrowing, I am waiting to go into hospital for an operation for a herniated disc, it is in my lower back.
I thank you for any help I may receive

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Narrowing or stenosis involves the nerves. So as the space gets smaller from plaque more pressure can be put on the nerve. Narcotics such as Endocet won't relieve pain because it is nerve pain.
I've had a cervical fusion C5-6 and have continued to have problems for the last 13 years. My last episode was so bad I had two ER visits just to try to catch up with the pain. What did happen; the last visit was the ER doc gave to me, along with all the narcotics an injection of Ketorolac which is great anti-inflammatory drug; given either IV or IM. Much to my amazement my pain disappeared. I followed up with additional injections about every 10 day for 4 injections. That was last November, and with the exception of one additional injection recently have been doing great!
It is so hard to deal with this kind of pain. I think that doctors forget that irritation (especially nerve irritation) can cause extreme pain. You have to educate yourself on treatments/surgeries so you can make the best decision for yourself. Ask questions and don’t let the doctors bully you and not let you try things.
Ask about getting a few Ketorolac injections. It won’t hurt you and just might help the pain. I’m a nurse and I totally didn’t even think about trying this drug. I’m sure glad someone did though.