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Ganglion Cysts in L3,L4,L5 Vertebrae

Started by 100002409798174... on 02/01/2014 8:08am

I finally had surgery last wk. 1/27/14 to remove these cysts, which did not show up on the RMI. The pain the last 3 yrs. has been pretty bad so finally I saw a neurosurgeon in Nov. Actually, I had epidurals 4 yrs. ago that didn't help. So, this time I had one epidural, no help. Bulging discs showed to be pressing on the vertebra's thus I was scheduled for a "roto-rooter". To his amazement the cause were the cysts. The vertebrae were relieved of the crushing & the nerves are now floating in the spinal fluid in the vertebrae.

I am pain free & so happy. I learned not to put up with severe back pain. Scream loud & clear. It's just too bad this wasn't found with the first MRI 4 yrs. ago.

It's more rare to have Ganglion Cysts in the back.....but, they do occur.

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