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Spinal Facet epidural injection/Hip Pain

Started by DrivenDriver on 01/29/2014 8:36am

Hello Everyone,
I have a work related spine injury, I am currently on Workers Comp and going through nearly every doctor they refer me to. My Spine injury is a Buldging Heriniated Disc with tears, I had my first epidural in October 2013. Everything went fine, felt great for about 2 weeks then the spinal stenosis returned with vengence. I notified my Spine Pain Doctor immediately, He then set up for another injection appointment. My 2nd round of injections are called a Spinal Facet Epidural (The joints around my spine were the target areas for the steroid). Before this round of injections I have NEVER had an issue with my hips due to this injury. In late November I went for my scheduled appointment for these Spinal Facet Epidurals, during the procedure (The first of 4 shots) the doctor started to inject, within seconds I felt the fluid fill my left hip followed by excruciating pain. So bad, the doc stopped the procedure for several minutes. During these several minutes I asked him if I could move my left leg a bit, he replied with "Yes, Please do". The doctor had no clue of why I was having such unbearable pain. He even looked over at the nurse that was monitoring my heart rate and blood pressure as she was saying "Yes, he is in pain!".
Between 5-7 minutes had passed and the pain started to go away. He continued with the 3 other injections and i was on my way home with no other issues. The following day I will never forget because not only were BOTH my hips Pounding with Intense migraine like pain but my lower back, L7-S1 region was in the same condition. Is this normal??? Why my hips?? Still to this day both my hips ache horribly, to the point where I am limping and cannot relax comfortably nor sleep. And yes, for the record my back is also in pain, Still!
This past Monday I had a consultation with A Spinal Surgeon. I tried talking to him about this and he could not give me a straight answer nor could the Spine pain Dr that did the injections. I need Straight Answers, Please.
I havent seen my Spine Pain Doctor since late December, I called him in the beginning of January to request a stronger med, his office never called back. On Monday I asked the surgeon doctor for a stronger med and he replied with "as far as I know Im just a consult and cannot write any new prescriptions or work restrictions."
I left the Surgeons office and called my Spine Pain doctor and left a very discriptive voice message. I still have not heard from them and it is now Wednesday.
My suspicions are growing that the Spine Pain doctor has done something wrong during the Spinal Facet Epidural procedure. Am I wrong?? Like I said earlier in this discussion "I have NEVER had any problems with my hips before my last procedure!" If anyone has any information, Please help. I do not know WTF is going here!
Thank you

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L5-S1 Region. I failed at proofreading, Sorry.