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Sick Of The Pain

Started by 1487530263@facebook on 01/25/2014 3:03pm

Hi I am a 45 yr old Woman and have suffered with Back Pain for many years and with no Insurance I couldn't go to a Dr so I just OTC Meds. But over the years it has gotten unbearable It starts at the top of my Tail Bone and goes down my legs, My Hips and Buttocks hurt so bad I can hardly get out of be it is affecting my life in every way. I soend my life on a Heating Pad or an Ice Pack or just laying in a tub of very hot water crying. i'm sick of being sick. I have always been so active and now not being able to do anything is killing me. my whole hurts neck, ankles,legs neck name it. I just don't know what could be wrong. anyway I now have Insurance and dont even know where to begin as far as Dr's

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1st would be select a Primary care Doc, 2nd would be the MRI he/she orders for you then get a 2nd opinion after the 1st based on the MRI. Please be advised that too many Docs rely on just the Radiologists MRI readings not their own visual readings themselves. I have had 6 surgeries and if a Spine Doc can't tell me what is wrong without the Radiologist report then I don't want him cutting on me. NEVER take the radiologist report to a spine surgeon, just the films.


Hi Sonja,
Most certainly make an appt. with a family doctor and talk to them. that is where you start. ASAP. They will direct you with your care and be able to advise you on how to proceed. With your symptoms that you are sharing- you have to get help. It is available.
At the very worst go to a local ER. Get referrals to doctors in your area.
Get well.


both of the replies above are very good, the only thing I would add is if you need help on where to start the Doctor search I would not start with a phone book, I would call your insurance company. I have had good results by talking to the customer service rep. And most insurance companies want you to find one in the plan and they want you to like this doctor. I call my insurance if I need any specialist, I don't want any surprises with referrals from my primary care doc to a specialist that is not in my network or who uses labs or hospitals not in my network. And yes, I have had conflicts with all of these situations.
good luck and so happy you have insurance now, so you can get some care.