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NEED to find a chicago spine surgeon to test for vertebral osteomyletis

Started by vicky on 01/19/2014 1:22am

I've had 2 back surgeries in past 5 years: c5/6-6/7 fusion with allograft, then 2 years later c4 total disc replacement. I have since been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease where I can catch any infection easily. Currently on IV antibiotics for staph infection in sinuses after suffering for 8 months. My cervical spine also feels totally infected. Standard MRIs don't show much due to all the hardware in place. I can't seem to find ONE spine surgeon to test and treat this problem: test with dye to show bone infection and biopsy. No-one is listening to me and the huge pain I have in ONE spot in my cervical spine area. Now having tingling, numbness in hands and feet. elevated BP and heart. I am afraid i may die from this. who is the very best surgeon in chicago to help? Dont' tell me IBJ, that is the place that messed me up and now won't even return calls. Or northwestern, the doc I saw there blew me off and suggested it was lyme disease. Please anyone, I need help, its quite serious, I think this staph has been in there for quite some time. My bloodwork shows an infection. But its not just sinus.

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