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Started by ragweed2011 on 01/18/2014 10:52pm

turns out I was put on ssd and my monthly payments were higher.
now social security found a way to put me under ssi so the monthly payments would be lower.
i'm appealing this and i'll keep you informed.......
they will find anyway to crew you out of what you paid in.

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advise if and when you start to receive benefits.
get it out of your account ASAP......
they will monitor your account.......
they did it to my.
if they see you open a savings the smart thing to do.
they will with hold your lump sum payments.
make sure you pull the money as it hits the account,
keep it at home in a safe.
sneaky bastards !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sorry to hear about that Ray. Didn't know they could reverse a decision like that from ssdi to ssi. Best wishes on your appeal.


Well the crazy thing of it is.
The start you out on SSA this is your money but there now to help you get started.
You get like two or three.
Then I got SSI payment.
I called social security and my case lazy worker said I was on SSD.
I asked why not SSDI or SSI.
He said case if in the future I can work that's why.
I said to him. The court documents and the judge said I have a failed back surgery.
I also told him I won't be under the knife again.
But they wanted me on SSI so I would have to report anything I bought.
What really pist me off was I haven't had money for so long I put all of it in a savings.
Only took out a little for small things.
I'm taking care of my mom cause she has cancer and I'm stuck.
I can't move.
But the letter showed me that they were looking at my bank accounts.
They said because I didn't run out and spend the money like a kid with a quarter burning a hole in his pocket.
That they were with holding my lump sum till October.
And that I I should have been on SSI because they wouldn't have had to pay out so much.
This is my money I earned from working.
But the letter said that I would be on SSI now.
They'll hear from me this morning.
But it will get fixed.
Big part of it is the attorney.
I got way more then he expected so then he wanted 25%.
Instead of the $6000.00.
The judge told him no. But he said he fought for my kids.
There is no mention of my kids in the court records. Just that I have two daughters already
This country is going down the drain.


well got my answers today.
i'm still on ssd and the letter was to tell me my greedy attorney went for the 25%.
I won't receive any more rears.
I didn't get much to begin with.
not that i'm bitching.
I managed to pay off almost 4 years of debt with it so.
here is were my case is different then most.
my ex was on disability years before I ended up on it.
so its like this for me.......ever since I started working as a young man.
I payed into social security.
they cut it up into a pie.
one if your dead.....two if your disabled.....three if you have kids with a disabled spouse.
so I got to keep all my rears thank god.
but my kids will be getting from the peace of pie call family plan.
i'm not sure if they will get a lump sum.
but they will get there own accounts and account cards.
my oldest will be 18 this year.....I hope she leaves and comes to stay a while with me.
I miss them both so much.
but as far as them changing me from ssd to ssi I was WRONG......sorry everyone.
the other good news is what I get a month won't change.
do to the fact she gets her disability as her own.
I get mine as my own.
but the kids get from my life long of working peace of the pie.
i'm at PEACE for ounce.
but if there is anymore I learn from all this I will keep everyone informed.
god love you all.
and god bless you all.
your in my prayers.


Thats GREAT news ! So happy for you after going through everything you had to go through. It's bad enough to have to realize your life is never going to be the same because of your physical limitations and pain, but then you have to fight and go through all this stress and depression on top of it. I pray that it will turn out well for the rest of us too. I was denied and now I am waiting for the court date, which may be months away. Keep us in your prayers. Oh, almost forgot but I thought it was 25% or a max of 6,000, but the lawyer can't charge you more than the 6,000 limit. Anyway, don't hurt yourself while helping your mom out, get homehealth or hospice to do as much as they can for her. Take care.


The only time SSI is received in combination with SSDI is when the SSDI doesn't equal the amount of the federal payment for SSI, plus $20. So if someone received SSDI and was told they would also receive SSI that is because the SSDI monthly amount is less than $730 for 2013. There are income and resource guidelines that must be meet when anyone receives SSI because SSI is a welfare, needs based program. SSDI doesn't have any income and resource guidelines. If someone receives SSDI and even though they are eligible for SSI, they don't want to receive it, they can decline the SSI. Of course that would mean that they would receive less money.


short and simple it sucks to be on SSD SSDI SSI.
they'll fuck you even more then the doctor that does your surgery.
so there is no point.
I only post what I've gone through ,was told by from social security, or experienced myself.
ray weed
god bless