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rhizetomy a week ago

Started by gatormom1972 on 01/05/2014 11:05am

Hi I have lived with chronic pain for 15 years. I have discectomy in 07., countless injections, and a year ago had 4 level fusion with one artificial disc. It was the 360 surgery. Awful recovery and left me worse off. The job I do is awful and I should not be working. Last week I went for rhizotemy. I am in awful pain. And now have numbness andweakness in left leg from thigh to toes. Wondering if this is normal. Hoping things improve. The procedure went well. Normally I can never get iv started and have to undergo procedures without sedation. Luckily I drank right until procedure, against medical advice and warmed my arms to make veins pop out better. I was so nervous since I was told I had to be awake. However they did it under general anesthesia. Would love to hear if anyone else has had worse pain after and weakness. And if so how long before better and if pain eventually was better. Thanks for any comments.

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