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Flexible Fusion?

Started by Subject2017 on 12/03/2013 3:26am

I had a traditional fusion, L4-L5-S1, last year, and went to a Dr because I was having a lot of pain again. He ordered a bajillion tests (surprise!) and after concluding that the hardware needed to be removed, he also told me that L3-L4 has ruptured (it was bulging before the surgery). He wants to do another fusion, and when I asked him about a flexible fusion, he said "I don't believe in flexible fusions". I think what he meant was that he doesn't have the skills to do one. The Dr who did my first surgery also did 4 surgeries on my Dad, two of them being flexible fusions. Seeing as I'm 22 and the degeneration may possibly continue on to parts of my back that haven't been affected yet, I'm seriously considering a flexible fusion, which requires flying out of state, but I've heard that flexible fusions aren't as hard on the adjacent joints, and I think it might be worth it, though I'd have to wait another month and a half to have it done.

Have you guys had good experiences with a flexible fusion in comparison to a traditional fusion? Any opinions or advice would be appreciated :)

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