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New Replacement of Disc

Started by 100000443359163... on 12/01/2013 12:03am

I saw on the news a while back that a doctor wanted to know how wounds healed and found 2 substances that when mixed together, where a liquid at first then formed into a firm gel like substance that when injected into the area where the disc used to be filled in the area and formed almost the exact same material that disc's are made of. The patient had severe lower back pain and was often bed ridden. The man was able to return to work. The report said the trails were going on around the US and that the FDA was trying to get it approved as quickly as possible. I have heard nothing else since then and was wondering if anyone knew of the trails or had also seen the report. I am getting very tired of the constant pain! I have suffered for over 20 years and just want someone to help!!

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