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always in pain

Started by lld on 10/22/2013 9:28pm

I have herniated disc in t11-12,t12-l,t12-l1,diffuse disc in the rest of lumbar spine, lumbar and cervical radicultis, cervical narrowing. My back,neck,arms,leg,hip always hurt. Walking,sitting ,moving seams to flare it up more. On fmla but about to lose job,they want to do a medical seperation. Two drs say surgery. But I have kaiser. They say keep with the cervical and lumbar epiderol injections, take your gabapentin , and pain meds. It's been almost a year,I have no life,I've been suicidal. Dr just ignores what I say. I struggle even on light duty, as I work for city gov and can not take pain meds at work, so some days I sit at my desk holding back my tears and then drive home to lay down,and suffer threw the night. The electrifying shooting pain is the worst, most times I feel as if I'm sitting on a hot grill.

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I am wondering if you have not had a discogram to more adequately diagnose the problem which could lead to surgery by neurosurgeon to remove affected disc(s). I use Excedrin extra strength (over the counter) which does a remarkable job of decreasing the inflammation you no doubt are experiencing. It makes me able to join the world again and I usually use only one pill to knock down the pain. Never give up! I too have been batteling chronic pain for 32 years and little by little learn a tiny bit here and another tiny bit there. You may never be able to eliminate all the pain and I learned that one in 17 people will at some point become a person with chronic pain. Best of luck to you as you march on. Become a survivor and live your best life in spite of the pain.