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Cervical epidural steroid injection

Started by Multiplemomma on 09/11/2013 10:57pm

I've had severe migraines since an accident back in 2007, and have also developed severe back, neck, hip and knee pain over these past few years as well. I've been to several different kinds of doctors as well as tried countless medications and procedures and nothing has helped. Most recently I have begun seeing a pain specialist, who had me get a cervical epidural this morning. I was told very little about the procedure so I thought there wasn't much to it. I had an occipital nerve block a few weeks prior so I thought it would be similar just in a different area. My procedure went as follows: a guy placed an iv in my hand, I changed into a gown and laid face down on the table with my face in a spongy "O" thing. The guy doing the procedure came in and said he would be using a long needle and having the woman doing the X-ray machine so he could see where to place the needle. Then all three of them started talking about how to fix the handle on the X-ray thing so the woman could use it easier (I guess she was left-handed or something) an I wondered what the hell that had to do with the patient they were working on. The first guy started pushing a medicine and all I was told wa that it would work quickly. The next thing I knew, that guy and the woman were trying to wake me up. Apparently it was over. I dressed and the iv was removed and my blood pressure was taken for the first time. The woman asked if I was ok (guess I was kind of out of it) and the guy told her he had given me propofol. Then they told me I was free to go. My dad drove me home, and I felt ok for about 2 hrs, just forgetful and tired. But then I started having the worst migraine of my life! And then a few hours later my arms became tingly/numb/weak and I started having horrible pain behind my left shoulder blade that gets worse if I raise my arm. I'm in so much pain right now it's not even funny! I was wondering if anyone here has ever had this procedure or if any of this is normal? I would've called my doctor but by the time the numbness came on the office was closed so I have to wait until tomorrow. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Btw I have 6 week old twin girls and a 22 month old son that I've had to depend on my mom to take care of all day through all of this, and she already does so much to help me with them so I feel like a terrible mom. I have a brain injury from the aforementioned accident so with all of these things and a fiancé who works all the time and is little to no help when he's home, I have to have the help! Sorry for the book I just wrote, thanks for listening and any help.

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Sounds familiar, it seems that physicians who work on spines are notorious for not giving out a lot of information. I had several different injections, I had the radiofrequency ablation and I had trigger point injections. I havent had ESI yet. I had a bit of a headache after the trigger point injection but not the worst of my life. I know its been a while but you could always go to the ER if you get in too much pain, not that they'd be much help either. But if you ever have the worst headache of your life, you should go to the ER but NEVER alone, always have a family member there to watch out for you.