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Post Surgery Pain

Started by 501179817@facebook on 09/03/2013 9:58pm

November of 2010 I had a laminectomy done on L3-L4. To this day the pain comes and goes but MRI shows nothing major. Recently the tightness has reached an all time high. I am walking to the side again and it feels like the left side of my back is like a hard floor. What measures do you take to soothe the pain?

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Hello there, I am a chronic pain sufferer and I hate to say this but the fact is pain is a curse that has very little cures! I for one find a little relief by getting in the hottest water I can stand and soak it up for about an hour or two it soothes the back and legs a little here and there but I also take medications as well now days! A good deep message helps some days and also my tens unit some other days so you see you will get many answers to your question as the fact of relief verrys from one person to the next as whell as one day to the next but heat is for the most part a good start! I don't know what methods you've tried so far nor what has given you comfort in your days of pain but this is a conversation that is good to try and reach out for ideas of help.. Prayers for you and your health take care