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when no one has found a cause

Started by Happy Camper on 08/27/2013 9:25pm

For the last 14 months I have watched my quality of life deteriorate to I just want to sleep because living is too hard. Here's the doctor run down: since January 13
Chiropractor: rest, no exercise and decompression 3x week,

PT but muscles spasms so bad that basically walking in water is hard, very little strengthening, much pain

Pain clinic- moved up meds from lortab to narco, to Percocet. No chance in 6 months, pain scores, %effective and length of relief never change and are not close to acceptable. I never see doc except as he's about to knock me out 'to stab me in the back" 3 facet injections, work up from first one, no pain, 12 hours, then pain, not much improvement as in no change in meds or activity level. Other two epidurals hurt from wake up but has minor improvement for few weeks could sleep better. *** RFA is scheduled for September, left side. He puts you completely out and zaps nerve expected relief 3 months. WAY different from how I've read its done and its length of result. At $500 a pop that's $4000 a year! At her docs say one procedures lasts 6+ months to years. WTHeck!

Orthosurgeon after 8 months their way asked for consult - fusion, oh and did anyone do anything about that "tumor" I was stunned, but yup 7cm ball by my back on MRI

GYN - fibroid, uterus About equal to 12 week pregnancy. But not cause of back pain due to it all being in sacrum area and its sacral, lumbar and sometimes thoracic.

I know this was long, I'm desperate here. No one has answers. I'm being lied to by doctors. No one can agree and surely no one seems to care about my pain levels or quality of life.
Thought to try stupid version of RFA but reading horror stories of pain.

I called myself happy camper because that is my place I go in my mind. My best ever memories are of camp.

Thanks to all that read this, I welcome all comments,
Happy Camper

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Hey there, happy camper
Just wanted to say, your not alone!! Drs try for a little bit but then quit and it sucks for us!! It's our curse of invisible pain where we know what has caused it but the drs and people around us can't see it nor believe that it could be that bad but it is!! Try a new dr? A few new drs? Maybe at some point you'll get one that will care and work for you! I'm sorry to hear about anybody who is dealing with pain and just letting you know to do a lot of research before you let anyone touch your spine because it can get worse just read my post on here!
I pray for your health and that you'll find peace in the world of pain we live in.. Best wishes to you and hang in there