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Please anyone help

Started by 1668494797@facebook on 08/18/2013 11:56pm

I will start by posting my most recent MRI written results



There is disk desiccation and loss of disk space height at T11-12 thru
L1-2. There is anterior wedge deformity of T12 and L1, which appear
old and benign. The remainder of the vertebral body heights,
alignment and marrow signal appear unremarkable.
The conus ends at L1-2.

There is moderate distention of the urinary bladder. There is
incidental note made of a retroaortic left renal vein.

Axial images were obtained from T11 through L3, L3 through L5 and L5
through S2. At T11-12, there is a broad-based disk bulge with facet
degenerative change, narrowing the AP diameter of the canal to 9 mm.
No foraminal narrowing. The bulge abuts the anterior aspect of the

At T12-L1, there is a broad-based disk bulge with central disk
extrusion extending inferior to the disk space measuring approximately
13 x 5 x 13 mm. This is eccentric to the left. This narrows the AP
diameter of the thecal sac to approximately 8 mm. No foraminal
narrowing. There is mass effect in the anterior margin of the cord.

At L1-2, right paracentral disk extrusion extending inferiorly
measuring 14 x 5 x 13 mm, narrowing the AP diameter of the canal to
9.4 mm. No foraminal narrowing.

At L2-3 through L4-5, no significant disk bulge, central canal or
foraminal narrowing. Mild facet degenerative change.

At L5-S1, small central protrusion. No canal stenosis or foraminal

There is bone marrow edema involving the pedicles of L3 bilaterally
extending into the transverse processes. This may be due to pars
defects at this level bilaterally.


1. Bone marrow edema involving the pedicles and facet of L3, which
may represent pars defects/fractures. I would recommend a CT
scan of the lumbar spine.

2. Degenerative disk disease and degenerative joint disease with disk
extrusions at T12-L1 and L1-2. This results in moderate canal
stenosis at T12-L1 and mild canal stenosis at T11-12 and L1-2.

A preliminary report was provided at the time of dictation.

Read By- Matthew Wagner, MD 03/26/2012 20-23-19
Transcriptionist- KG 03/26/2012 21-08-14

Voice Job ID- RV00350030070

Mount Carmel thanks you for the opportunity to care for your patient.

Electronically signed by- MATTHEW M. WAGNER M.D.
Released Date Time- 03/26/12 2144

What isn't mentioned in this report is I also have scoliosis and kyphosis. In another report which I can not locate but should be on file at the hospital says I also have spinal stenosis.

I am in incredible pain every second of life to the point that when I do actually sleep I often feel the pain in my dreams. However I don't sleep well due to the pain I am lucky to get 2-3 hours a night.
I have been to so many doctors over the years ( age 12 on ) I am now 23. Every Doctor that has ever seen Me seems to refuse to help. I have seen a surgeon who only talked no action was ever taken. I have seen a pain specialist who said I was in minimal discomfort ( Maybe in a perfect place he may be right ) and due to the fact I have been unable to establish primary care for this every time I have had breakthrough pain I have been forced to go to The ER and Now I am black listed from receiving pain medication. I have been through psychical therapy and chiropractors so many times and this has never done anything but make it worse.

I have been on neuroton, flexiril, lyrica, ultram, ibuprofen, naproxen, Percocet and vicodin. The narcotics have been on emergency basis and have proven effective but discussing this with your doctor is taboo.

In light of recent events that have rendered My pain untreatable being black listed and all, I have begun to self medicate. Alcohol helps wile I'm drunk but the pain the next morning makes it not worth it. Marijuana helps a little but not enough ( hydro is better for pain ) I have heard heroin may help but wont touch that. And I have purchased pain meds off the street. For years now this ever growing pain that seems largely ignored by the medical community has caused Me to have thoughts of buying a gun, load it and end My suffering.

I am a otherwise very happy person the only other depressing factor in my life is dealing with the tragic and violent loss of a close family member but I know someday I will find the power to forgive but never forget and move on. Someday I fear that I will no longer be able to tolerate this pain anymore and I will go through with it. I feel like there is no hope and the Doctors have helped me every step to feeling this way. I'm out of options I don't know what to do anymore. I live in Ohio where the Governor Kasich has made the impossible out of reach with his laws regarding pain treatment. Any help and/or hints that may help Me is greatly appreciated in advance.

Thank you very much

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Hi Tim
My name is Jordan I may be able to provide you with a pain managment tool/ It is a alternative form of medicine that has had great results, I would just need a bit more info on how this started and what events where happening at the time. Just to see weather maybe I can help


Hi Jordan, thank you for the reply. What are you credentials? And what is this "tool"? The only thing I think I may have omitted from My post is that the first injury was shoveling snow when I was 12, car accident at 14 severe bicycle crash which broke My collar bone. Also Degenerative disk disease is genetic in My family. I have all these back problems so does My Mother, all My siblings, My Grandfather his parents and who knows how far back it goes.


Hi Tim
I Practice Emotional Freedom Techniques and have been qualified to do so by the EFT Foundation since 2008, EFT is based on the principle that the body is just energy and that by physically tapping on certain meridian points and using certain phrases and instructions we can get the body and the mind to work together at a cellular level to make corrections and heal the body.
I have a small protocol I can email you just showing the basics and a procedure for pain management that has worked for me and the other people.

And Drugs aint the answer to solve pain been there, dealing with a drug addiction and trying to recover is really hard, especially when you have trained your body to get drugs when its in pain.