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Posted in: Back pain, and Chronic pain.

Massive pain after working as bricklayer

Started by danishguy on 08/07/2013 6:28am


I've had massive pain in my back plus lower back since 13/4/2012

I was working in this position for approx. 8-9 hours bend forward Since then I got pain in the muscles that's on my back, the pain is wearing me down, as a last long shot I hope spine-universe can help me.

I tried everything, stretching exercising, exercising and nothing helps.

The danish doctors can't seem to find a solution to my situation. I'm convinced that there must be some people worldwide that can help me out, cause the constant pain is just to much, I can't sit down for more than 10 min without being in pain. I have to lay in bed as much as possible to keep the pain in check.


The position i was working in:

Where the pain is:

TL;DR I'm seeking advice and looking for top notch doctor/specialist to look at me. I live in Denmark, so a doctor within Europe would be good, otherwise traveling even further is okay to.

Thanks for the help.

If more info is needed, just ask.

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Have you had any injuries prior injuries/ trauma related to your back or did you perhaps injure yourself on this date?
If not, think carefully of some big event that may have played it out round about this time - emotional trauma, anger, fear etc.


Never had any problems with my back prior to that incident.

13/4/2012 was the day I was starting a new project, so I wanted to have a good start. So I started laying bricks, after a couple of hours bend forward, my back started to get annoyed, I figured it was because I was using my back, and that it would be gone within a couple of days. So I continued laying bricks bend forward in total 8-9 hours.
The trauma was not caused by heavy lifting.

No emotional trauma.

Additional Information.
Here is some scans from my back, I hope the quality if good enough.



My chiropractor(by looking at the X-rays), mentioned I was "hyper-mobile" in my back(I can now bend my back backwards a lot more than I could prior to the incident).

Cat-scan didn't show anything.


Hi there

I might be able to help with the pain. I notice you live in Denmark - I am in South Africa, which mean we are more or less on the same time line. We need skype and approximately 2 hrs of your time. If you would like to pursue this, drop me an email on andrewbrummer001@gmail.com

Warmest Regards