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Started by 100000545898123... on 08/02/2013 2:56pm

HAVE DEGENERATIVE DISC DISEASE AND ACCORDING TO MRI I HAVE MULTIPLE bulging disc pain down back right leg to foot now in past month pain inside right thigh up to center of back when i stand from sitting or bent position feel it charp and fast was scheduled for fusion and cage dont know all technical terms but gonna replace 2 discs 2 steel rods and a cage the original dr said be off work for 2 months he left town week before surgery had to see his partner he said a year off light duty maybe in 6 months . i have a phsicall demnanding job that i can not afford to lose currentl pain is like a tooth ache constant i can still bend twist walk pain increases over course of day have tried all the pt injections and meds pain pills just make it tolerable . are there reall an true succses stories would like answers to these questions after surgery who went back to physically demanding employment are you off narcotics pain level after recoup time approx a year post surgery i am 45 year old male all information would be greatly appreciated

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I have less issues than you but you are doing much better than me. I can't walk or bend at the moment just able to lie and bed and walk with pain on a walker. Surgery is not coming soon enough but I'm not getting anything major. I don't have any answers but some advice. How many different surgeons have you seen? I would defitely talk to about 2-3 at least both neurosurgeons and spine guys. See what they all say and if they all recommend the same thing then maybe it's the only way out. Also look for the top guys in your area not just your local guy that was referred by your physician. Some of these surgeons out there could really ruin your life if you let them. I have seen it!! Good luck buddy.


Actually I just re-read your posts and saw you only had bulging discs...I would defitely get some other opinions before putting hardware inside of you. I have one bulging, and one complete rupture with disc material pressing all on my nerve. I also have some other issues but still not goind any kind of fusion. Have you seen any chiros or tried decompression of any sort? Might help a lot actually.