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Discogenic Syndrome

Started by 100001903571616... on 07/30/2013 11:47am

I am 54 yrs old and lost my job due to a letter giving me work restrictions provided by my pain Docs. I have had pain for many years. I tried discograms, facet rhizotomys, epidurals, pain meds, spinal cord stim trial, (failed) and a percutaneous discectomy ( which lasted ~18 mos.) My levels are lumbar 3 down to S1. Neurosurgeons claim it to be an extensive inoperable procedure. I have annular tears as well. I really don't want surgery even if it is possible. I would be creating new pain and/ or more pain. I wake up sometimes with what feels like a hot poker up my tailbone. Now that pain is off the charts! Random. I was granted SSDI last September, so I still have one more yr for Medicare. The majority of my pain is like a t through my back. Sometimes I feel extensive pressure, can't sit or stand without a cane for support. I have a permanent muscle spasm that lives on my right hip. Pain radiates down both legs with spasms. Sometimes the pain feels like a firework pattern. I just bought an inversion table and I have to get a routine. I take powerful pain meds that really don't work. The only relief I get is lying down and if I need to cook or clean I wear a back brace. My son starts Grad School for Physical Therapist. He will be my saving grace. I do want to get the spinal cord stim implant when I get insurance. I don't have a good quality of life right now. I know there are others who are just like me and that is comforting. Nobody wants to hear you talk about PAIN. So I have been told by a friend. I hope this story of mine connects with someone because it made me feel better telling it! Hope for pain FREE days!

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My daughter turned 39 this year and had been living this same life for the past 4 years. It is so very had to get anyone to understand how debilitating this constant pain is for someone. I see her struggle with everything she wants to do. The Pain Managment Clinic is somewhat helpful. But with a nerve stim, pain pump and all the meds. I really don't know how she keeps the positive attitude she does. Now it's looking like she is having another level starting to degenerate. The nerve stim was one of the most helpful things for her. I do know that she was on Medicare when she got it, she is also on SSI. Why do you have to wait for 1 More year for Medicare?