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prolapsed intervertebral disc l5/s1

Started by miko on 07/06/2013 9:44am

I am a 26 year old woman experiencing lower back pain that extends down my left leg. Recently, numbness can be experience at the inner part of my sole. Doctor has also diagnose slight weakness when pressing my left big toe down. I was first admitted to A&E due to severe lower back pain. MRI shows prolapsed intervertebral disc l5/s. I was given gabapentin 300mg twice a day which cause me giddiness for 2 hours after each medication. Pain and numbness remains after 2 weeks of medication. Physiotherapy which includes heat treatment does not help. The lower back pain symptom down to my buttock first happened 8 years ago yearly but it happens everyday now.

I went for a second opinion at a private clinic. Doctor was surprised at my gabapentin dosage and should be only taking once every other day. He mentioned that he usually would only prescribed 75mg every other day. Decadurabolin+vitamin B injection was given. Two days later, lower back pain was suprisingly gone but numbness does not go away. Arcoxia 90mg was prescribed for a week. Meanwhile I am taking neuroforte once a day and methycobal 500mg thrice a day. I am also practicing exercises that strengthens my back everyday and swimming once a week

I have a few questions regarding my condition:
1) Is Arcoxia is an anti-inflammatory drug for my compressed nerve?
2) How does the steroids relieve my pain almost completely? As far as I know, steroid is not painkiller and can only help build my back muscle.
3)I was told I need to be reviewed if he injection works 6 weeks later. If not, I need to go for surgery to remove the leaking "jelly" at the left L5/SI disc. Right now, I am worried and frustrated about the continuous numbness that stays after the pain goes away. Is there a chance the numbness stays forever even after surgery?

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