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Posted in: Back pain, and Surgery.

Living with disabilities – How important is insurance for your scooter?

Started by albertaldrin on 07/01/2013 5:42am

Millions of people on this planet suffer from various physical disabilities. With mobility scooters, disabled people can easily get back their freedom. If you have decided on purchasing one, don’t forget about its insurance. Uncertainties surround us and you never know when a calamity strikes. Many countries and states make it compulsory for people to have mobility scooter insurance. Even if it’s not compulsory in your area, you should get one. There are two types of insurance available - vehicle cover and third party insurance.
Depending on your needs and budget, you can opt for anyone.

Mobility scooters cost a pretty penny and you would not want that investment to go waste. An insurance cover helps protect your investment and if there’s any mishap, you need not get stressed. Discussed below are some reasons why you should consider buying mobility scooter insurance.


Mobility scooter accidents are on the rise. It is not uncommon for people to lose their lives or get injured fatally while driving a mobility scooter. Having an insurance cover helps if you meet with an accident. The vehicle repair cost easily gets covered. An insurance plan also offers protection against injuries sustained during an accident. It will cover your hospital costs. Besides this, insurance also offers protection if there’s a natural calamity like storm or fire-breakout.


Consider this situation. You are away from home and the mobility scooter stops working. How will you get back home? Opting for an insurance plan offering callout rescue helps a lot in such situations. The same could happen when you are on a holiday abroad. Before you buy an insurance plan, check out its terms and conditions thoroughly. By paying a higher premium, you can get the cost of journey covered as well.


You just purchased a brand-new Go-Go Electric Mobility Scooter and suddenly find someone has stolen it. These easily cost thousands of dollars and you would definitely want to protect this investment. There are plans which offer cover for the entire value of your scooter. If you are confused about buying insurance, ask your mobility scooter dealer. He should be able to guide you completely.

Third party injury

You are out on your Go-Go 3 Wheel Scooter and unable to control it. A pedestrian comes in your way and gets injured. Property could also be damaged. If you have bought a third party insurance, the cost of your defense can be easily covered in such cases.

It’s highly recommended to buy mobility scooter insurance for your and others safety. While choosing the right plan can be tricky but then prevention is always better than cure. Do the necessary research before buying an insurance cover and understand its conditions completely.

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