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Posted in: Back pain, and Neck pain.

What Dr should I start with? - pain - left side neck--->behind shoulder---> through left bicept and tricept

Started by Pearla on 06/29/2013 1:04pm

One week ago I woke up with what I thought was just a stiff neck from sleeping funny; a crick in the neck. I thought it would go away quickly. Instead it seems with every day it has gotten worse. First, the pain behind and on the side of left side of my neck. Then, the pain remained there and ALSO traveled to behind my left shoulder blade and soon thereafter the pain seemed to spread through my shoulder and down my arm. I have much pain in the left bicep and tricep (around this part of upper arm). I feel pain all the time sometimes my arm throbs with pain. I sometimes feel twangs in the forearm but not much. I cannot find any position lying down or sitting that is comfortable.

If I tip my head right, ever so gently, my left side neck pain increases significantly. If I tip it to the left it hurts behind my neck and starts going down my neck towards back of shoulder blade. If I turn my neck (look to the right) my neck hurts much; turn left - just a bit more. Also more pain when I lower my shoulder

Recent Background: Over the past 3 weeks I started back exercising after a hiatus due to a significant foot operation. Although I had been in physical therapy for my foot from January through just last month, I just recently began to exercise (approx 3 weeks ago). I recently started taking some Vinyasa Yoga classes, I used to have a practice a long time ago; its hard to hold yourself back from trying -- maybe I strained something while taking these classes?? I've also taken a spinning class and have been exercising on the elliptical.

Medical / Relevant Background:
43 year old female. Could use to lose weight and certainly need to tone up.
I have horrible posture - I slouch almost all the time although I'm trying to improve it and I'm also trying to strengthen my core (very weak) and I have osteopenia (familial)

I have just been taking Advil for pain, and it barely numbs it. I think I need to consult with a doctor but which kind -- I hate wasting time - that is going to my PC if I should go to a neurologist or to a orthopedist first. However maybe my internist would best know who I should see.,,,THOUGHTS? Please any help would be appreciated.. Thank you for reading.

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