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Running otu of options - Pain Management

Started by SwimFish on 06/27/2013 7:21pm

Because of the postings here I have been helped thru countless difficulties for over three years now. Just by reading others trials and tribulations and knowing I am not alone, has aided me in managing some very dark days. Now I find I must wade in a bit farther and ask for your help.

Medication is one of my biggest issues right now.

Have been on Oxycodone 10/650mg X 4 daily for about a year (up from 5mg first 2 yrs)
Stomach issues - per gastroenterologist - No more Acetaminophen
Changed to - Oxycodone15mg X 3 Daily - pain to great between doses
Changed to Oxycodone 15mg X 4 Daily - Good pain relief but encountered Profound Physical and Psychological Side Effects
Changed to Oxycontin 10mg CR X 2 w/5mg Oxycodone for break-thru - Little pain relief
Changed to Oxycontin 20mg CR in morning and 10mg at night - Good pain relief and steady - Broke out in Hives
Changed to Morphine Sulfate 15mg ER X 2 daily w/5mg Oxy for break-thru - Extreme sedation - heart palpitations - suppressed breathing
Changed back to Oxycodone 10mg X 4 daily - Increase in pain.

Can Not Take;
Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (Selective, Nor-ephedrine, and Ephedrine)
High dose of Oxycodone
Morphine Sulfate
I am reluctant to try many OTC vitamin supplements - things like St. Johns Wart can make me very ill.

I am scared because I will be fighting pain for the rest of my life and everything we have tried turns into a nightmare. IS THERE ANYTHING LEFT I CAN TAKE FOR PAIN?

Pain management is angry with me over this, told me it was ridiculous I got hives, and said I was addicted to Oxycodone. (dependent yes, but addicted no - I am the one who went to PM and told them I could not take 15mg Oxycodone and that I had reduced Oxy to 10mg when side effects became to great). PM is telling me I have run out of options and I need a spinal stimulator - I Don't want any more hardware in my body! I am scheduled to see a chiropractor (I had to ask PM for this), have two more nerve blocks scheduled (had three two months ago), insurance will not cover acupuncture, external TENs unit was of no help, very limited help with PT

Current Meds: Oxycodone, Ambien, Gabapentin, Lidoderm Patch, Zanaflex

While I am at it; Effexor, Oxycontin CR, Toradol (tablet) made me break out into hives.....what is the connection?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I want to get back to being on a functional level with my life. Thank you.

PLSF S1-L4/5, Hardware Failure, great bone edema, & scare tissue - Reconstructive PLSF (cut L5 nerve root in surgery, sensory damage to right leg/foot). I have another synovial cyst, degeneration of joint above fusion and pain on left from hardware. Surgeons want me to get third level fused, but holding off as long as I possibly can.

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First n for most u should b on a stomach med (ie Prevacid. Prilosec ect). Prevacid is my fab but most insurances refuse it due to cost. I learned the stomach thing the hard way. ( had my esophagus eroded). N second I'm familiar with a lot of mess but I always mix up the oxy ones. R u on morphine or vicodine? Because n my experience vicodine does more harm to the stomach and releives very little to no pain. Do u have any long term pain mess (ie lyrica, amateiptoline, methadone, neorontine ect)?


Kimberly, thank you for your reply.

I never have heartburn/reflux. The acetaminophen caused problem with stomach muscle and diverticulitis! NSAIDs cause great rise in blood pressure and edema of ankles and feet. Aspirin breaks the blood vessels in my eyes and I look like something from a horror movie. the choice to stop these medications was made by doctors.

I figured my long term meds were Oxycodone and Neurotonin. I am stopping the Ambien because it should be short term and I have been on it for a year. I fight great anxiety every day and I believe 90% of it stems from the medications. I want off the Oxycodone, but I can't even take Tylenol to replace the pain killing Oxy.

Again thanks for your help


By the way Prevacid not only works for heartburn/ acid, but I was on , believe it or not , a lot of med before my first surgery. I'm allergic to morphine so that was out. The only replacement was diladid n it's a family of morphine so I have to take benedryl with it otherwise I break out in red blotches. Not hives( accourding to drs) but they burn like hell witch I scratch to relieve. It's actually cool to way h it go through by iv, my mom n dr said they can c the spreading of the diladid by my skin blotches. But n e way the reason Prevacid isy number one is cause I was on such heavy meds for two years b4 my first surgery that I now have ulcers n erosion in my stomach and esophagus. Never had a problem till I was on the pain meds. I've taken nearly all the stomach meds n Prevacid byfar is the best at relieving a the variety of symptoms. But I had to get a lot of test ie endoscope ect plus I also had to try all the other first :( bad hospital visits from the time period). But I'm ok now. I don't know of the new meds n I'm not familiar enough with them to help a lot but Nerontin is a joke. It puts u n a fog n it doesn't relieve much nerve pain. Lyrica is awesome so fog no sleepiness n it relieves a lot of leg pain. But I'm not sure if its a NSAID or is it had Tylenol n it. Same with methadone. It's great with the little side effect thing n pain relief is high. But I do have a spinal injury friend m town that has a lot if allergies n has been disabled for over 50 years now so she. Just about tried every med at least once. I'll c if she has any info. Like I said I'm only 32 so when something works I don't even think twice about the info on each med. I know I should cause I have a long road ahead but I just haven't started yet. Sorry bout ur luck, it's bad enough to have a spinal Injury but to have allergies n side effects to nearly all the meds is horrible. Oh oh if u go to UCSF spinal center web page they let u email communicate with the surgeons. Yes the surgeons actually answer the emails that's how I found my surgeon who without his experience I wouldn't b walking today.


Hi SwimFish, You sound like you would benefit from a Duragesic patch that is applied to the skin. It has the same properties as Oxycontin and is long lasting/time released, Also shouldn't have the trauma you are having now with your digestive tract. Hope that helps.


Hi again Kimberly,

Seems you have had far more than your share of problems too. Like so many of us we just keep hanging in there and hope and work toward our best.
Gabapentin (Neurotonin) has worked well for me. The doc cut my L5 nerve root during the second surgery and the damage has been everything from pain and numbness to burning, but I do believe the Gabapentin has helped a lot with this. I can't say I have had any side effects from this one drug. I have been lucky I guess.

I will check out the UCSF Spinal Center. I have researched all my meds past and present in an attempt to find a link. Maybe UCSF can help. Thank you.



Hi swimfish, et al,

Ask away...neurontin and topamax work good for me, take max levels. Had to build the neurontin tho, can be tough on the tummy at first, i take 20 x2/day Prilosec for reflux, helps a lot. Had a Medtronic spinal cord stimulator implanted in 2001 (before they had the models with rechargeable batteries), had the model with two leads, not paddles. Also had two batterh relacements. In 2008, glt the Advanced Medtronics model with rechadgeables,yeah!!! It's been great.

You could try either Rozerem and Melatonin as sleep aid, non-habit forming, unlike Ambien. The fentanyl duragesic patch is a good suggestion, you may want to look into an implantable morphine pump as another option less sedation effect. If having rashes may want to try either ClaritinD or ZyrtecD

I know i may sound horrible making this next statement but here it goes; chiro's are for people without real pain, only aches. They twist turn and massage. If thats what you are looking for, ok not me, id rather just pay for massage and not concern myself with chiro making things much worse.

And for everyone reading, the office staff at these clinics have no earthly idea what we experience each and every day. However, they have an obligation to provide us with compassion and kindness or they should work elsewhere.