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Applying for disability

Started by 100001096264021... on 06/17/2013 4:26pm

I have suffered from severe lower back pain and nerve pain in my leg. I also have arthritis affecting those areas. The pain generates in my lower lumbar region where some of the disc have collapsed and are pinching nerves in my right leg. Anyways, I am a waitress by trade, and as you can imagine being on my feet and running for 9 hours a day is extremely painful. I have tried the spinal epidurals, and they don't work for me. I take 3 hydrocodone 10/325 3xdaily and Gabapentin for the nerve pain. It is still extremely painful and I come home and cry many days after work. The doctor has talked about surgery to widen the gaps where the disc have collapsed, but is in no way affordable. My only other alternitive is disability. I am only 47 and don't wanna do this. How does a person apply for disabilty? Are you able to work at all during this time? If not, how do I pay my bills etc....I am single and support myself.

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go to your nearest social security office would be best then they can tell you how much a month you will get. it is based on what you have put in to it. I ended up filing bankrupty because I couldn't pay my bills. also they may be also able to tell you the wait period. good luck.


First off yes u can work while in disability, as long as u stay within their working guidelines. I think it's something like u cant make over $750.00 n u can only work part time but u can also look on line for the working guidelines, or as your case worker once you r assigned one. As for applying u can either make an appointment with social security and go n person to sign up, which n my opinion is more effective, or u can apply on line at social security disability. I have done both n in person worked out better. But remember the nerves and pain associated with it is not provable, according to social security. It will b ur word verses the social security office. Not fair I know but the spine is so complex that drs r still trying to figure it out. Best advice get a specialist to write you a supporting letter to send with your application. I know from experience that the spine is a hard disability to prove, u may have to get a attorney. But I would not start with one. Its better to apply n b denied then get an attorney because if u win your payments start from the day u applied so your back pay normally pays for the attorney, if u lose you don't pay the attorney. N just so u know when u work The money u earn counts as income which then lowers your monthly s.s. amount. Hope I helped n good luck!