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Leaving the site for good. If you have spondylolisthesis of the L5/S1 read my postings. They may help. If you have a question about something your doctor gave or said to you. Ask him if you don't understand. We are not doctors.we share our experiences

Started by ragweed2011 on 06/15/2013 3:26am

If you don't understand you MRI. Or CT scan. Or a question about what your doctor said.
Ask them to explain it to you. If your new. And don't know where to start. See your doctor.
We post what we have learned from going threw it all.
And what we feel. And it's a place to talk to people you get to know. So you don't feel so alone.
These are just our stories. We are not doctors.
Thank you. God bless you.
Good luck.
Ray weed.

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Ray, sorry to hear you plan on leaving. Any reason?
I haven't been on much thee days because I'm trying to wrap my head around what's happening to me, and also fighting the pit of despair. We all have our private battles. We deal with them as best we can with what we've got. My way of fighting to keep my head above water is to stay as distracted as I can. Thinking about being in worse shape than I am already blows my mind and I'd rather not think about it. It is what it is. Thinking, talking, crying, screaming...none of it helps and none of it changes what's in the cards.
I hope you find your way in all this. It's a solitary journey, and not a fun one either. But I hope you find some joy along the way.
I wish you well, Ray, and hope you stop by every once in a while and post how you're doing. You never know what's around the corner...Someone may come up with a cure, or a fix. :) Stranger things have happened.


I have a few reasons. But I believe most are just racing threw sites.
I think of when I first came on here. I was in need of answers. Read allot of things that
Almost made me not go threw with it. Really couldn't find many that had answers I could understand.
So I researched other sites as well. So at least I had a understanding.
But I don't believe I can help anyone with there questions. I think they are going to have to
Do as we have done. Make a choice. Good or bad. I know your in a bad place again. You did it ounce you can beat it again. Time. That's what it will take. I will pop in to see how you are.
Between the meds and doctors I'm on the right track. And your right.
I also think what's in the cards for me in the future. It's ok to do so. Get it out now.
It's all I do. Why now. To young. Why me. How will I survive. I do this on a daily basis.
But it is what it is. Like the movie. This is as good as its going to get. So live the best you can with what you have. Try to keep what you got. I know god has a plan and reasons but not knowing why is what drives me crazy. But he or she is the boss. :) I hope that my posting will help someone to have a idea of what you go threw. How you feel. What you think. And were it all goes as it goes along.
Other then that they are just my words. Of my experience with this. I'm just the average joe.
But I'm going to try to find something else to get in to. This is the end of the road for me.
The judge will decide my fate. From there I just don't know. All I can do is wait. I'll be praying for you.
Praying you heal fully. And as pain free as you can.
God bless you.
One day at a time. Ok.


Wise words, Ray. I might look into support groups in my area. I think actually meeting people in person will be most beneficial for me, especially to hear what helps them cope, and what lifts their spirits. (I'll save all the rest for my Dr.) I'm tired of worrying about, and focusing on what I've lost, and how much I hurt. I NEED to start living again.
I agree with what you said, about people flying through this site looking for answers. If things don't work out with surgery, we all get dumped into PM. Eventually, we learn to accept our lot in life, and that's another journey. Sounds a lot like LIFE!
I'll catch you soon, Ray. Take care. xox


Ok so l just found this community. I thought what a great way to gather info that others went through. Just like when I research a purchase...say a new car, I look at consumer reports (ie Drs. info) and I look at customer reviews (ie patients experiences). Then I compile the 2 and make the best decision I can with the info I have. I do agree that some people here need to go c a 2nd dr and get a second opinion. But most of us r either here to try n help by sharing our own experiences or for emotional support. Since the spine effects u n everything your body does (ie breathing, talking, walking, sitting, standing, laying ect). and since one of the main problem with recoveries can b emotional, everything can help. I had a huge emotional set back (abuse by husband n divorce 2nd week out of surgery) n i Still do have outbusrts of emotion sometimes. I know people say that my friends n family should b my support. But they don't understand what it's like to have all movement taken from u. They don't understand the loneliness that accompanies staying home all day on dissability. Some people have even told me that their jelly that I get to stay home. Remember I'm n constant level 8 pain 24 hours a day. Sometime I get increase pain bursts too. This community is great for the fact that we have all had to go through the loses, some more then other, but loses that r similar all the same. I hope u stay,we can use all the patient experience we have & still b unsure so the more experiences to compose together the more help we can give. N the more friends we have that r going through the same loses the better u feel. By the way I was diagnosed with spondylolisthesis grade V at 19 n my first (9hour) surgery was 2 years after that. 2nd surgery was around 5 years following that. So I have a long road of pain n lose ahead that I deal with. It's not easy but I learned that every little thing helps.


I just found this site and thought that I could talk with other in the pain I am in
I had partial discectomy in 2006 and six weeks later the horrible pain set in so I fought to keep my job as a rural mail carrier never could go back to that
I am an equestrian dressage being my love Horses have been my life all my life I also am an equine sports massage therapist , that's gone and I had an equine pet care business that's gone too
Live with pain management for yrs he told me there was nothing that could be done for me surgery would not stop my pain I decided to go to a well know spine institute in Virginia they are rated as some of the best spine surgeons in the world make a long story short may of 2012 I had alif/ plif they went in my lower abdomen one day then waited a day and went threw the back and did a tri level fusion l3-S 1 the worst pain I have ever had in my life I ended up in the hospital for nine days and two pints of blood The first six weeks was not bad after coming home but I was by my self after the first week I started having pain walking pain down the front of thighs lots of pain then in September we did a fusion on my neck c5 c6 as it was pushing into the spinal cord and my arms and had been numb for a long time My husband is a superintendent for a large construction management company so he never gets to come home I am alone in this pain by the way the neck fusion was nothing no pain from that but the lower back pain was unbearable they have tried many narcotics nothing works for very long My NS kept saying that he thought possibly a screw was irritating my SI JOINTS well in march they take out my hardware hoping I would get better nope I have gotten worse cannot barely walk from my house to my truck
Now they are starting testing my SI joints starting next week I think he called it a arthogram anyway they stick needles in the ilium and the joint with high dose of lidocaine but no steroids if my pain is relieved then it it is positive for bad joints in two weeks they do the other one Then comes the question of joint fusion at which he I would hopefully be 50% better ??? Is that worth going thru yet another surgery I haven't been able to work at all for Four years I have been trying to get disability for two years I finally have my hearing on July 18, 2013 Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas as this happen to anyone as far as the SI joints getting blown out by having a trilevel fusion