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tlif spinal fusion

Started by 100002179375907... on 06/09/2013 9:09pm

Im scheduled to have a spinal fusion next week. im a moderate to heavy cigarette smoker and im kinda scared to have this done..not because of the pain after but because i smoke. ive done some research and smokers have a increased chance of failed fusion. does anyone who has had this surgery smoke a pack a day and if so how did your surgery turn out. all comments are welcome. and i forgot...im 41 and in poor shape. thanks

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if its your L5/S1
from what i researched the L5 is the worse to fuse to begin with.
your going to just have to stop.
i chew snuff.
i was a can and a half a day at the time.
and all during and before my surgery i stopped.
didn't help.
i didn't fuse.
but still try to stop.
i took allot of extra calsium supplments.
and it still failed.
its a 50/50 shot.
we are the same age.
and i had mine done almost two years ago.
so. check with your doctor .
see what they say.


hi Chris I have been off the smokes for a long time my suggestion to you would be to stop smoking because fusions and cigs aren't good. my surgeon wont operate if you smoke. I had a L1thruL4 fusion 8screws and rods also repaired my broken back. I broke it at the age of 19 Had it fixed when I turned 60. guess I like pain. good luck on your surgery.