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low back fusion after 20 years

Started by felecia06 on 05/23/2013 11:40am

Hi I'm Felecia and I had a fusion done L4-5 &L5-SL in 1991 which collapsed within 6 months.I had to start thearphy again and wait a few months.so in 1993 I had another surgery done.It took 3 years of healing for a long time I was doing ok.But I began having lots of low back pain starting in 2007.Then in 2010 I fell and the pain got worse I was walking down the street going to church one sunday and pain hit me so hard in my low back and my right hip,pain went down my right leg.I had to stop several times trying to get to the bus stop.It felt like I had no strength on my right side.Since then I have numbness,tingling,pain in my low back,right hip,and down my right leg.Now I'm having pain in my left hip. I told doctors about this but it seems they don't want to deal with this issue.In January I was referred to a Orthopaedic surgeons he told me the it looks like I need surgery on my right side.So he referred me to a neurosurgeon which I'm still waiting to see.this seems like a long process of wait and see.I'm in so much pain and I just need it to end.

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