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Chronic leg and lower back pain

Started by ilivedsm4 on 04/10/2013 3:41pm

I had spinal fushion on L4, L5-S1 2 years ago, after coming out of surgery my right leg was numb and in extreme pain. 1 year later the pain in my back returned and I started gaining weight because I was unable to work out. The surgical pain clinic decided they wanted to insert an electronic stimulator, but another doctor told me that I might get about 50% relieve of the pain but because of the weakness in my leg it would not be to my advantage to have it done at this time. The surgical clinic now states that they do not know what to do. I have been on pain medication for 10 years and on everything out there and nothing is helping. My main problems are lower back pain, leg pain and weakness.

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I have quite a similar problem and got very different diagnoses ...so, can not make a decision. I found an interesting apps, that is like a spine consultation, you answer the questions about your symptoms and get a diagnosis. It takes 20 minutes and you need to concentrate but you will get explications, images you will understand better your case. At least, I did. The name is "Virtual-Consultation-Spine", I found it on a website "Virtual-consultation.com" but it is on Itunes too. Maybe it will help you too!