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Started by SILLY6 on 04/08/2013 4:52pm

Hi my name is Marie, and i am 39 years young and i have a bad back. It all started in 2007 one day when i was in work i felt abit dizzy off balance and found it hard to hold things, well with in two weeks 3 trips to the doctors i got so bad they sent me to hospital and that was that the start of my bad back. I cant understand i never even had a pain in my back before that. They gave me an MIR scan and C3/C4 C4/C5 C5/C6 were out i needed a fusion at the 3 levels but 2 surgerys and i also had spondylotic cervical myelopathy. Then i have had C6/C7 fusion also have a compromise at L4/L5 L5/S1 and a mild thoracic scoliosis . Also a chronic pain sufferer but i dont mind talking about most things, i am new here so this is my first post.

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