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Started by TJJ32 on 04/02/2013 2:24pm

my husband recently had spinal fusion surgery of c5 & c6...
The surgery took a lot longer than they had said (6hrs vs. 2 hrs)
he is 5 weeks into healing there are sutras bothering him, and he feels like there is a wire or something in him that shouldnt be( wire left in him or a guaze)

he was healing well. on week 5 a sutra( stitch) was poking out of his neck( where the scar is from his surgery) it was poking out so much you could see the knot that was tied. and below that was another sutra sticking out. Then he developed , what looked like little cuts or absesses on his neck, face shoulders and back..He was in so much pain. He felt like it was burning. out of a few of the holes in his back, came out plastic string ( sutras?)

we went to the emergency room, this was sunday st patricks day. and the surgeon, was very rude.. we had to tell him to cut the one sutra coming out of his neck ( which was hard to miss) and didnt acknowledge anything about him feeling and seeing these other plastic wires or sutras coming out of him.
then he told my husband to go to a dermotologist, because it was an allergic reaction to something!!!!
We left and the following day we went to a dermotologist, he said it was a stahp infection and gave him some antibiotics ( took a culture swab of it and the results came back a staph infection. the dr there said if it doesnt clear up when the meds are done then come back...because i was concerned that this infection was really bad. it was about 5 weeks since he was in the hospital. But the dermotologist didnt acknowledge anything my husband said about sutras and wire( like fishing line) coming out of these holes. he just said it was infection.
now at this point my husband is starting to loose it becuase no one is listening to him or answering him about these things coming out of the infection, or feelings of things poking through his skin....now he is poking and picking them to find these plastic things.. and feeling like its really long and connected to a longer piece of sutra or string or wire!!!!
in the mean time we went to another dr, he said it was an allergic reaction to medication. which was not true...
we finally went to his surgeon who performed the surgery. he took an xray and on the xray showed up 2 spots on his back and one on his chin. The surgeon said that this wasnt from the surgery and to go to a dermatologist...because he didnt know what the abseses were... ( he was very rude)
again this was another dr( his surgeon!!! who would not look at the absesses/infected areas to see if anything was in there)
so we finally went to our primary care physican.. he looked at his back and neck and face ( the only dr to do this!!!) with very magnified glasses and said " yes it does look like sutras in the infected spots"
and he referred him to another sugeon...( i made an appt for the surgeon on monday)
over the weekend, he was looking at these absessed infected areas. and a piece of plastic was sticking out. ( it looked thicker than a regular sutra.) we left it so the surgeon could examine it...
monday came we went to the appt..i felt like FINALLY we were going to get some anweres....but NO...he said it was an infection and didnt see anything poking through...he did look at two spots...but found nothing...
now my husband is just plain loosing it.. i can honeslty say yes i saw a piece of plastic string ,something hanging out of one of the holes.
i just want to know if any one has gone through this...is it just the sensation of his nerves coming back, is there really something in his body that doesnt belong..
he still feels sick the antibiotics didnt help...
i dont know what to do.. im really stressed out because i dont know what to do, who to go to.....it seems like no one will listen.
i want to take him to the ER again( a different one....) and just admit him , and them take every test on him to make sure nothing is in his body that shouldnt be... or someone to analyze the situation.. and give him some answers..
if anyone can help i would really appreceiate it.. we are fighting cause we are both stressed...
thank you...

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Did you get any help with this? It's almost exactly what my dad is experiencing. He tried to pull out the "wire" and it was a stabbing sharp pain his spine - said it felt connected on his insides. It's got some infection and bled when the doctor messed with it. They both had a startled/puzzled look on their face when it "burst."


Sounds like you should get all the surgeon's notes and all the other docs as well,, and then go to see a lawyer instead of a doctor. I bet the doctors will tread you a lot better be for they are served with legal papers.