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Posted in: Back pain, and Surgery.

Spinal Surgery/over and over

Started by rewfirst on 03/29/2013 6:02pm

U had my first l-4,5 fusion in 2008. Something went wrong as my pain started again. An x-ray showed severe/serious bone over-growth. I had a spiral of bone growing from fusion site. Bone covered many delicate nerves. It was a long surgery and a 3"x5" piece of bone was removed, along with a handful of smaller bones. Special instruments had to be used to remove bone off of delicate nerves. Hence, the fusion cage was taken out. When the fusion cage was taken out, it looked like it was "ripped" out as parts of the titanium was very bent. Upon that surgery, I never did heal. Disc 3 was jarred so badly that it hit a nerve head. For a year I walked around in very severe pain 24/7. I would have spasms and get stuck in the back of stores. For whatever reason, the flake dr. didn't want to hear about this or do anything about it even though it was very clear and severe on x-ray. Finally, he fused vertabrae L3 onto L4-5 with another cage. I also have a fusion of C5,6,7. The n/r even said the fusion of L3 onto L4-5 was not a good idea, but did it anyway. Now I feel like I'm sitting with a bomb in my back. Also, in 2008, Medtronic used a bone stimulator that over-grew bone matter. My growth was simply freaky. Now I'm really worried about my neck. As bone over-growth there can grow around the skull, choke you or make you not swallow.

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