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HI..I'm new to the site :) having neck&shoulder pain...help

Started by notagain on 03/24/2013 9:02pm

I am 36 years old an had a low back injury in 1996. I had 15 years of pain and multiple treatment trials from pills to injections, PT, chiropractors, testing such as multiple MRI's and CT's, discogram, EMG, and im sure there are many more i cant think of...I started to lose the use of my legs on July 5th 3years ago after a fall.The drs thought it was my low back and tried to tell me to just take neurontin and if i dont get better they would send me to a dr to help me deal w the pain mentally..!! I was depressed yes i have a husband and 2 kids whom i couldnt take care of! But i was MAD!!! . After months of tests i finally found a wonderful dr who finally found that i had 2herniated discs in my neck C4-C5 & C5-C6 that was twisting my spine.. so into surgery I went! I had double fusion with hardware placed in my neck. The procedure was done through an anterior incision in my neck and my recovery was great.. no PT No neck brace and back to work i went.. then 7 months later i had a lumbar herniated disc repair and recovery was great also! At that point i my life i felt like a new woman! Heck 15 years of trying to enjoy life and ending up on the couch in pain if i did too much in 1day! I thought life was great and pain free!
NOW I have had headaches daily for some time.. getting worse. I am now having lots of neck Pain. I hurt to turn my head to the right n left. I hurt to look down.. the pain radiates down between my shoulder blades..at times i have numbness in my 4th n 5th fingers on both hands.. my forearms ache at times also. I also have pain in my legs again but my legs arent as bad as before. My chiropractor wont touch me and I am not wanting to go thru tons of testing again but i also cant handle the pain for years again! Does anyone out there have words of wisdom Bout my neck n shoulder pain.. please anyone else having the same thing?? Im not sure if another surgery i in my future??

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Hi, I had my lumbar and cervical fused, the same pain between my shoulder blades you describe. (Also pain in the legs.) My surgeon finally ordered a thoracic MRI and found multiple ruptured thoracic discs. I'm now in the waiting process for shots (And all that follows). Hope this helps. Good luck!