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ACDF Complications & Physical Therapy advice needed

Started by William0778 on 03/22/2013 5:18pm

I had a C5/6 ACDF on 11/1/12. It has relieved the crushed nerve pain in my arm however I have experience low to mid level pain in my neck and shoulders ever since. I did 3 weeks of PT with no effect. It was VERY generic. Row machine. Walking. Calve and hamstring stretches. Some pull downs, and the classic 'put your hand to your head and push' therapy. Inversion therapy seemed to help a little but not much. I've tried heat, ice as well. TENS device works temporarily and is my main fallback. The PT, like I said, was generic but I followed it religiously. I've also got mild bulging disc in the lumbar region (L3/4) with some degeneration. I truly hate my surgeon and Dr. of Physical medicine who I don't believe had my best interest at heart, only their own. When you tell them what they don't want to hear they act offended and defensive.
Has ANYONE found back/neck stretches and exercises that actually will help? Or other remedies? Many thanks in advance. Bill D.

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