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Hip Pain After L-5 S-1 Fusion

Started by Randy W on 03/18/2013 5:42am

A failed lamiectomy/diskectomy was corrected with a L-5 S-1 fusion. 2012 was pretty much a lost year. I was doing better, patiently fusing, when at 3.5 post op I started experiencing horrific left hip and thigh pain, as wel as pain in the L-1-L-4 region of my back. (all my pain had previously been on my right side.) A CAT scam revealed broad based bulging. I'm seeing my surgeon this morning and he will most likely order a mylegram.

Has anyone experienced this type of hip pain? If so, what was the cause? I had finally gone from a constant 10 without pain meds o a 3. Suddenly, almost overnight, I'm back to a ten. Thanks.s

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Hi Randy, What happened to me is I had to much bone growth. Where the to much bone crushed my nerve canals.That`s what going on with your hip and leg. My legs both went numb hips I fix my legs and left foot. If you had a open back fusion all of your muscles were cut. 10 plus pain it will feel like a truck driving over on legs. I hope you just need a shot. They only helped me a tiny bit. I have tried everything my friend I`m still walking but in lots of pain. Sam


Oh, Randy. I'm so sorry you're suffering again. I know how it is. Please keep in touch as to how you're doing.