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Back Pain and Burning Leg Pain

Started by cfd on 03/14/2013 11:50am

Hello, I was browsing the internet to see if I could find some answers to this problem I have developed. I have a variety of things wrong with my back including stenosis in one area and disc degenerativenss in several. I also have osteoporosis which we found out last year kind of by accident. It was quite a shock. About 3 days ago, I was shopping and suddenly I started to get this burning pain on my left thigh close to my groin area. It would come and go. This continued for about 15 min. Then all was fine. Yesterday, I began having sharp burning pains that would start in my groin area of the inside of the thigh and travel down to my knee. Today, it starts intermittently and mostly is centered around the inside of my knee area (the weighty part). The pain is burning and comes and goes. Sometimes it stays away for an hr and sometimes it comes every few minutes. Anybody have a clue what this is? It feels like my leg is hot, but it isn't hot to the touch.

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i am not a nurse/doctor, but it sure sounds like you are having pressure on a nerve in the lower spine (lumbar)..do you have a chiropractor, orthopedic, or neurosurgeon ?...maybe you should go see them or find you one...good luck & God bless